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3Dream’s desire is that our own visionary approach will propel our clients into a whole new level or expectation of turning their own dreams into reality.

About Us

3Dream Studios is a Strategic Visual Marketing company that uses 3D Animation, Video, Interactive Design and Web expertise to help our clients share their vision with others. We bring experience and strategically created visuals that will bring maximum impact to communicating your ideas, hopes and dreams. Technology with creative storytelling is the key, and our passion is to help you build a bridge between those dreams and reality.

Our job is to provide a portrait or palette for others to be able to see your vision for the future… to embrace the potential of what “could be”.

Our staff is dedicated to this pursuit of creating your vision with virtual environments. We will bring the technical expertise to achieve levels of photo-real animation, web and interactive worlds to present your dream in a whole new way.

Finally, behind our creative and technical strengths, you will find the heart behind the business. 3Dream’s desire is that our own visionary approach will propel our clients into a whole new level or expectation of turning their own dreams into reality.

Leadership Team

David Keesee Founder, President & CEO

David’s dream and vision was to create a company to produce creative animation visuals to help others share their vision. In 1993, David founded the company Creative Animation, Inc. Now David has moved on from his original company to his latest adventure by founding 3Dream Studios, LLC. At 3Dream, the pace is set high, and expectations are heightened for new horizons. At 3Dream Studios, the mantra is often heard that you must be able to “Dream It” before you can go “Do It”. As a visionary, David’s strength is finding solutions to creatively connect his clients or finding the right solutions for his client, the bridge if you will, that will take one from “Dreaming It” to “Doing it.”

Trey Coursey Director of Operations and Production

Trey is at the center of operations and technology solutions at 3Dream. With sure footing, he cuts a path through what new creative technologies should be considered and implemented in our processes. With studies in engineering, design and technology and years of architectural and 3D animation background, he gathers the resources to always bring possibility to the impossible. As technology king, he says it’s “no thing”… if you can think it, it’s likely possible. Making your dreams happen is his reality!

Sherry Keesee Director of Business Development

A formidable adversary to procrastination, Sherry is a doer and connector. With an innate ability to see and understand opportunity way out ahead of others, she organizes and rallies the efforts and resources necessary to carry out the vision of the company and for our clients. She is a futurist thinker and it’s obvious that when she puts her finger on the important things that are not yet visible to others, it is key to our visionary processes. Her creative solutions bring stability and support to develop relationships for 3Dream.

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